About Our Team
It was a chilly afternoon in our Scott’s Addition studio when our CEO, Ryann Lofchie, gathered a few of us to share something that had been on her mind and heart. As a survivor of sexual harassment and keenly aware of its impact on workplace culture, she noticed a palpable shift in society’s readiness to tackle the issue. From conversations with concerned executives to the ripple effects of the #MeToo movement, she saw how few tools and resources were available to organizations to constructively respond to harmful dynamics and affect true change–and she knew our company, The Frontier Project, was uniquely qualified to help.

We are the team who wanted in on that mission.

And like the organizations we hope to help, we come with diverse perspectives and experiences. Some of us are survivors, and some of us haven’t experienced harassment firsthand. We’ve worked for large corporations and small businesses in a variety of industries. We represent a spectrum of political and religious beliefs, but our only agenda is a workplace where all can thrive. We believe that together we can make that happen.

We are ALL IN.