Q: How is this effort different from #MeToo or associated movements?

A: #MeToo, Time’s Up, and associated movements represent a group of people working together to advance their shared ideas and experiences.  ALL IN builds upon these movements in several ways. First, ALL IN creates a safe space outside of social media for people to anonymously share their stories and experiences with harassment in an in-depth way. Second, ALL IN has a training component created with the explicit intention of healing workplaces, empowering employees to proactively root out systemic factors that have led us to where we are today. Our workshop convenes groups of employees within an organization, exposes them to real stories (vs. fictitious or hypothetical ones), educates them on some of the root causes and biases that perpetuate harassment, and provides tools and techniques for constructive conversations and real change within the workplace. Finally, All In is politically agnostic. Our only agenda is to help all humans be better humans, reach their fullest potential, remove the barriers that get in the way of that, and ultimately make the workplace healthier, more productive, and more fulfilling.

Q: How is the ALL IN workshop different from my company’s sexual harassment training?

A: ALL IN isn’t a replacement for your company’s sexual harassment training or compliance training. It is a supplement and complement to it. Most sexual harassment training uses fictitious scenarios and over-the-top examples that employees find unrelatable, unlikely, and sometimes even absurd. Additionally, most sexual harassment training is administered with a “check the box” mentality. ALL IN uses true stories from our community to ground participants (especially those who’ve not experienced it) in the reality that harassment happens all around them—even in their own company. Rather than simulated exercises or individual compliance quizzes, ALL IN convenes groups of employees within an organization, educates them on some of the root causes and biases that perpetuate harassment, and provides tools and techniques for constructive conversations and real change within the workplace.

Q: How can I help or get involved with this?

A: We’d love to have your help advocating for ALL IN and spreading the word about it. Please feel free to share this project with your coworkers, friends, and others in the community who may be interested or would benefit from it. We provide workshops for teams, as well, and would be happy to contact you if you’d like to learn more. See below for more details on how to get in touch.

Q: How do I bring ALL IN to my workplace?

A: Reach out to all-in@thefrontierproject.com with your name, email, and the best phone number where we can reach you, and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible.

Q: How do I follow your progress?

A: Check back in on this site as often as you like to see new stories, sign up for our Dispatches newsletter, or follow us on Twitter and Instagram where we’ll occasionally spotlight ALL IN happenings.

Q: Why now? Hasn’t this whole thing passed?

A: The #MeToo movement experienced a surge in activity with substantial media coverage that has since subsided, making it seem as if this issue has had its moment. However, just because it’s not as prominent in the news or at conferences doesn’t mean it’s over and, when it comes to battling harassment, we’re hardly finished. #MeToo and some brave survivors, advocates, and journalists have gotten our attention, but awareness alone is not a solution. Now the hard, slow work of change begins with all of us in our workplaces and in our communities.

Q: What is The Frontier Project?

A: The Frontier Project gives people new ways of thinking, working, and communicating to empower organizations to become more adaptive, more competitive, and more innovative. We believe that meaningful change, whether at the team, department, or organizational level, only happens by shifting individual behaviors. So that’s what we do; we help companies change by helping people change.

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