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Workplace Solutions
Even broaching the topic of gender dynamics at work sparks fear and conflict in our politically charged society, so many people remain silent or unknowingly perpetuate the very things that keep misconceptions alive. To drive true change, we need a safe space where everyone can ask honest questions—a space where we can trust the information provided and know that the only agenda is to create a healthy workplace where everyone thrives. That’s the goal of our workplace solutions.
From executive teams to individual contributors, we equip participants with a newfound awareness and shared understanding, as well as practical tools to confront situations and conversations that undermine our human dignity.
A Way Forward
It takes all levels of an organization to create a way forward, so we’ve created solutions for each one. We’ll also examine the evolution of this issue in recent society, the impact of our neurobiological gender differences, biases, power dynamics, and cultural norms.
Executive Leadership Team Strategy Session
We’ll customize the experience for your executive leadership by first understanding the specific issues and cultural dynamics at play within your organization. During the session, we’ll use stories and data to highlight the most relevant information executives need to know, lead them through a conversation to help them process and internalize the findings, and then help them formulate a plan to address the specific cultural dynamics we uncovered during discovery.
Human Resources Strategy Session
Ideally in tandem with the executive leadership team, we’ll customize the experience for your HR team by first understanding your current efforts and organizational pain points. We’ll use stories and data to highlight the most relevant information HR leaders need to know before helping them formulate a plan to address your specific cultural dynamics. Finally, we’ll facilitate an audit of policies, processes, and other institutionalized practices that are within HR’s purview to change, helping HR leaders generate their own recommendations and action steps.
Manager Workshop
For the first part of the day, we’ll use recent research on belonging to help participants understand the ways they may be undermining civility, and how to meet sincere curiosity with grace. With these tools, we practice how to handle several common workplace scenarios in the spirit of inclusivity. Following the morning, we’ll facilitate a half-day working session on cultural dynamics and creating an inclusive culture.
Individual Contributor Workshop
We’ll start the day just like the manager workshop. In the afternoon we’ll map out what participants can do both individually and collaboratively to promote a more inclusive culture.
Allies and Advocates Workshop
This three-hour workshop starts with a look at the national conversation and media playground that’s generating awareness on this topic, but also fear, anger, dismay, and confusion for men and women. By examining the multitude of reactions to this current state, we begin to get a sense for the work we still need to do and the tools we need. Then we’ll discuss how we got here, and why gender dynamics are still an issue despite the decades of legal precedent and protection in place. Finally, we’ll teach participants how to identify norms and behaviors that perpetuate unhealthy workplace dynamics for women and sexual minorities, and we’ll equip them to advocate on behalf of themselves and their colleagues in those moments. The ultimate goal is to arm participants with an increased awareness of these issues so they can create a culture of true inclusion and dignity. We offer this workshop as an open-enrollment course at our Scott’s Addition studio and as a tailored session for your organization.
Men Ask Anything
This half-day session provides men with a space to ask questions without female colleagues present. Following a male-led discussion, we’ll bring in a female panel to offer their perspective on the topic of #metoo, unconscious bias, workplace norms, and some of the questions men submitted in advance.

If you are interested in speaking to someone on our ALL IN team about how to bring these offerings to your organization, please contact us or call (804) 612-8796.